Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Safari 3.0 Public Beta

After hearing about the various Mac OS X Leopard announcements, I was happy to see a public beat for Safari. I downloaded it yesterday and started to play around with it. I was really surprised, it is a lot faster than Safari 2.x. Not only is it faster, but I cannot live without the new inline find feature - it is so cool. Yes Firefox has had this for years, but not as usable as Safari's implementation. As a longtime emacs user, I've always liked inline searching way more than the popup finder window most applications have. If you haven't tried out the new Safari yet, I'd suggest you give it a try. If you are a windows user, have you tried it yet? The closest I get to windows is Parallels on my mac and I try to avoid that if possible too. Oh yeah, Apple also fixed the annoying quit "feature" where Safari would just quit, no matter how many windows you had open, if you hit apple-q (or Safari->Quit Safair). Again, another Firefox feature but a welcome addition nonetheless. Go windows? Let me know how Safari performs. Update: I just installed Safari in Windows via Parallels, and to my surprise not only did Safari get installed but so did Software Update. Wow, Software Update is an integral part of Mac OS X. Does this mean that Apple is starting to take over the Windows desktop? What do you think?