Tuesday, May 8, 2007

JavaOne General Session

Well, I managed to almost get a front row seat, I'm in row three, right in front of the main podium, very cool. They have a DJ (Anna, http://www.anon-music.com/ - not sure if this is the right link but I think that's what John said) playing some good trance music (if you like that sort of thing) and now the DJ is being shown on the big screen,she's mixing songs, and she even has a record player she's using (BTW, she's using a mac and a Dell, I think it's a Dell). One interesting thing, all the web browser being shown on giant screens are Safari, the Mac OS browser, I guess the folks at Sun like Apple. Another Apple note, the two laptops on the podium's are MacBook Pro's and there's also a PS 3. Here is a list of some of the pages shown being shown on the screens up front: www.foundmagazine.com, www.mulletsgalore.com/, www.wired.com, www.sciencedaily.com, http://www.zdnet.com/, http://www.abc.go.com/ (showing the Lost page), www.foodnetwork.com, www.justin.tv, www.tv.com, espn.go.com, www.oreillynet.com, the Vine from E! on-line, they are also running some animations on Google earth, and http://www.ff0000.com/. They are also showing videos of folks walking down to the session. It's 8:30, so the session should be starting any minute now... ah, it's starting now, they just asked everyone to take their seats. Okay, I thought it was starting but it seems we are still waiting, I guess everyone hasn't sat down yet. BTW, I just stood up and looked around, the room it completely packed, there are people as far as I can see, looks like there is a good attendance this year. Rich Green is pacing around, getting ready to talk I think. The music just got a lot louder and then faded out. John Gage was just announced and is now on stage. "Welcome to the 12th annual JavaOne Conference", said John Gage. John read from an article in today's NY Times. John held up the SavJe phone and said Sun is going to Open Source all the SW that made up the phone. Sun wants to make the phones so ubiquitous that the cost comes down. We need to remove our dependency on power and create new power sources (e.g. solar). John asked that everyone forget that they are British, Norwegian, etc. and be Brazilian! Then all the Brazilians started to yell and holler, "that's what Brazilians are like, warm and friendly". Don't sit with someone you know, sit with someone you don't know. Next he had everyone stand up and then asked those first-time attendees to sit down, then 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. and ended with quite a few 12th time attendees still standing. One of the goals for this year's J1 is to be zero-carbon or carbon-neutral, that is, all carbon expended for travel, catering, toilet flushing, etc. be accounted. They didn't realize just how massive an undertaking this would be, so they are going to work towards being carbon-neutral for next year's JavaOne. One key to being carbon-neutral is having small devices instead of large one's we've used before. We are now shown a video on how Java technology effects all of our lives. Next up is Rich Green, EVP Software, Sun Microsystems, Inc. We are going to have some big name guests on the stage today. Later we will talk about some new things we are going to be doing with Java. Rich is taking about, technology as a catalyst, the network is an unstopable social force. More than 1/2 a billion folks joined the network this year compared to millions (I missed the number) connecting via traditional computers. This is Rich's one year anniversary of returning to Sun. Here are some numbers for Java, 6M Developers, 5.5B Devices, 2.5M GFD downloads, 800M desktops, 1,8B phones, 11M phones. Here is a state of Java summary: GF from Enterprise to Media, V2 is an enterprise ready with scripting source (JRuby), available for Solaris, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. GF is an enterprise transaction system, but it can do a lot more, so using the GF technology as a server-side technology. Rich asks up Martin Harriman, VP Marketing & Biz Dev from Ericsson to join him to talk about how Ericsson is going to open source (they are not doing a good job of telling us what it is, they mentioned it once and I missed it) multi-media IMS using GF on the server-side. Real time java: Ultimate predictability, finance, telecom, aviation, industrial-control and more, real-time with conventional tools and standard operating system. Given this code: java.lang.Thread can now be replaced with javax.realtime.RealtimeThread The CIO of NASDAQ is coming up Anna Ewing, the NASDAQ has more transaction per day than the next two equity exchanges combined, for a total of 150,378 transactions per second and it's all on Java technology. Anna is really excited about real-time Java and NASDAQ will be using real time Java. Her team is currently working with Rich's at Sun on using this technology. Java is Digital Entertainment, meet millions of consumers where they live - engage, PS 3, Blu-ray Disc, set top boxes. Next up is Tom Hallman, the VP of production operation Digital Authoring Center, Sony. Tom is talking about BDJ (Blu-ray Disc Java) and online connectivity. So this year when you buy S-M 3 at Christmas you'll see trailers relevant to 07, but next year you'll see trailers for '08 (live content). Tom shows us Open Season on BD and how Java technology is being used for animation and Tom said they are looking for Java folks to do something new. NetBeans 6: Unlock you potential, dynamic scripting with Java: JRuby 1.0 and JavaScript, GUI builder further simplifies client apps, robust new editor, modular packs for everything you need (Mobility, C/C++, Web, and more). Announcing today, OpenJDK, Sun is announcing the completion of open sourcing Java. Next, the governing board for Java, Doug Lea (State University of NY), Fabiane Nardo (CTO VIDATIS), Simon Phipps, Mark Reinhold, Dalibor Topic are the board. Also announced today, is the open sourcing of the TCK to ensure compatibility across the OSS community (note: I wonder if Harmony will be happy with this or not). So why did Sun choose GPLv2 as the license for Java? The GPL license forces all the development to be done in the open to keep all versions compatible. Java and NB will be part of the next Ubuntu release all thanks to the GPL licensing of these tools. Using a MacBook Pro, Rich is composing an email to the openjdk.net community, body: Today begins the next phase for Java. I am pleased to announce that we have completed the open source release of Open JDK. It's a great day for innovation - and remember compatibility matters! Rich. The email was sent off to the Open JDK community. We are now done open sourcing Java. Open equals opportunity, so what's next? It's open so what do we do now... Rich said some things could be done better, Java on servers is great, they are on mobile devices and desktops, but there is something else folks want them to do. It's time to reach the rest of the planet, Humankind: the biggest opportunity of all. Everyone want's Java to be faster, faster, faster (download, execution, etc.) The following releases of JDK 6 will all be focused on making all areas faster. But wouldn't it be cool if... let's a new focus on media, a new platform, JavaFX. Introducing JavaFX, consumer focused family of Java technologies, high impact consumer markets, based on Java SE. It's all based on Java SE. The big announcement is: JavaFX. Introducing JavaFX Script, scripting language for rich Internet applications, road map for content authoring tools, designed for content professionals, leverages Java's unmatched reach, stability and security. Rich is going to show us a demo, and is asking up Dr. James Gosling (the father of Java). James things JavaFX script is a really exciting new technology, created by one of the Sun engineers Chris Oliver. The system is all about creating really rich, exciting Java interfaces. Rich said, this is Sun at it's best, an engineer at Sun working on his own. Chris Oliver joins James and Rich on stage. First demo is a rewrite of a Motorola site using JavaFX. Underneath is Java, Swing, and Java 2D. It took Chris three days to reproduce a really cool looking site from Motorola, (see studiomoto for an example of what was reproduced). Next is a partial recreation of Tesla Motors site but all in JavaFX. A demo release is now available. JavaFX script runs on all JavaSE release out there without modification. But, wouldn't it be cooler if we could reach everyone else? Is there a way to take the power of Java on the desktop and make it available to everyone else? JavaFX Mobile, The network in your hand. Complete and fully integrated Java software system for mobile devices. Open, standards-based Java technologies, Supports JavaFX content authoring tools. When Rich went to show the demo it turns out he had the wrong handset. Then he shows a (editor note: iPhone like) phone all written in/with JavaFX. It is an open development platform. Sun wants to separate the OS from the phone much like we would do with a desktop and it's OS. This will be run as a traditional OEM business model. Now Rich is going to show us a showcase application, first Rich asks up Marco Boerries, SVP of Yahoo!, Yahoo! Go. Yahoo! Go, reinvents mobile search, to create a set of search results that are mobile phone friendly. We see flickr, maps, news, etc. Yahoo! Go is an open system, later this year, Yahoo! will let developers get access to the code so they can add their own content. Reaching humankind: now you can. Next up is Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and President Sun. Jonathan thanked Rich for doing what he had hoped Rich would do, drive creativity like JavaFX. Not only does Sun want to reach the largest companies and countries of the world but they also want to reach the smallest companies and countries in the world. While in the US we are used to computers as the gateway to the Internet the rest of the world uses mobile devices. Jonathan welcomes up, Dr. Djibril Diallo, NY Office of Sport for Development and Peace (www.un.org/youthsummit). It is unacceptable that 1.5 B people will go to bed tonight hungry. The UN is fighting for equality between women and men through out the world (no country teats their men and women the same). Sun is going to establish, engineers without boards (like doctors without borders). Sun is going to work with the UN on how to start connecting SW engineers and connect them to other engineers in the world. Jonathan asked Scott McNealy (Chairman and Co-Founder Chairman, Sun Federal, Inc.to join them on the stage to talk about bringing education to the world. Scott said that with Rich Green, Sun now has it's own version of Steve Jobs, everyone laughed. When Scott went to look for free open information for his kids and couldn't find anything, so Sun started curriki.org. The goal is to give the entire world access to a first grade to twelveth grad education. Final slides: Unstoppable growth, java joined world's largest OSS community, rich Internet applications, network in your hand. Imagine the possibilities... java.net the source for Java Technology Collaboration, Get Involved... Contribute... Innovate.

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