Friday, July 20, 2007

Salsa and the iPhone

On Tuesday my wife and I (along with our three boys) went out for dinner. At some point my wife asked what time it was, so I reached down, grabbed my mobile phone (SLVR) and much to my surprise, it slipped out of my hands and right into the salsa in front of me. Once I cleaned it off, I told my wife it was 6 PM or something. Then I realized that the USB port was full of salsa. I cleaned it out the best I could and hoped that I hadn't toasted another phone (the last time I had a "cool" phone was about three years ago and that one was washed with the rest of my clothes about a week after I got it). When we got home, I plugged it in and let it charge all night. The next day, around 9 AM or so, I started to get the low-batter warning. Around 10 AM, it shut off. Another phone, gone. Joking around I said, now it's time for an iPhone. After talking with my wife for a while I realized that it would be really cool to get an iPhone. After all, I was now phoneless (never mind the beaten up, featureless one I had at home). A quick run down to our local Apple store, and I had an 8GB iPhone.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... that accident seems a little too convenient :-)