Thursday, December 20, 2007

All Apple Fan, All Geek?

So after reading Matt Raible's post, I had to know how I measured up. So here it is: 73% Geek 89%How Addicted to Apple Are You? For fun, my wife and I thought we'd see how we'll do in the pending Zombie Apocalypse, we got a 55% chance (I tried to copy the URL and reloaded the page, maybe I should re-evaluate my Geek percentage).


Anonymous said...

(This isn't the right place for my comment, but I don't know where would be more appropriate).

I read two other JPA books before "JPA 101". Your book it the only one that actually tells me what I want to know quickly and clearly -- thanks.

My idea of an IDE is vim, so getting the Eclipse stuff to work is a struggle. Once I can see what is going on, I will uninstall Eclipse and go back to my favourite editor.

Chris Maki said...

Hi anonymous

Thanks very much, I'm glad that you find it useful. I still use the book myself when I want to look something up quickly.

As for vim, I'm a die-hard emacs fan so I know what you are talking about.

Thanks again