Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AirPort Extreme - I want one

I was just reading an article on the new AirPort Extreme and I think I know where my next $200 - $500 is going :-) I've been thinking for a while now that Apple needs a good NAS solution, and here it is. It looks totally awesome. Now adding an AppleTV to my home network makes a lot more sense and besides I have a few episodes of Heroes that I'd like to watch, so what better reason to get some new toys.

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Rob said...

I am dying to get one of these. There are so many G networks in my bloody neighborhood now, it's making me crazy (and the houses are not right on top of each other, I think cause I am on a hill.. anyway, N is going to be a dream). Unfortunately, I have the original MacBook Pro, so no N for me. I want to buy a new one, but think I will wait for either the new LED screens or the next processor bump.

The whole thing looks sick though. The only downside I see is AppleTV being only 720p, but that is not a showstopper. Now if PBS would just make every episode of every show available in HD, I'd be all set (couple hundred episodes of American Experience, Nova, Nature, Frontline, The Western Tradition, etc.).