Thursday, February 1, 2007

Good-bye JRoller hello eBlogger

I don't know how many of you use JRoller but it has just sucked the last couple of months. When I first started to use JRoller about a year ago it was pretty good, now it seems something is always broken. The referrer page has been broken for months and the summary of blog stats one the front page hasn't work for months either. What's going on guys? I decided instead of waiting for things to get better I'd just switch blogging software. As an avid Java user and champion it pains me to leave JRoller but like everything else if it doesn't work, fix it or replace it. So welcome to my new home. In case you check my old page from time to time you'll want to redirect your bookmark to this site. I'm sorry to say good-bye to JRoller but the time has come to move on. RIP JRoller.


Matt said...

The main reason JRoller sucks is its maintainers (Javalobby) quit caring about it. They haven't upgraded the software in over a year and don't seem to care about any of the new features and bug fixes. It's a shame because Roller works great for me, and IBM and Sun.

Chris Maki said...

Hey Matt

Thanks for the heads up. I've always heard good things about Roller which added to my surprise when JRoller started to fall apart. It really did feel like Javalobby stopped caring about it. There isn't even a link to post a question or comment if your blog is having a problem. It's stuff like that makes "free" software look bad. Thanks again for the update.

Rob said...

Totally agree w/Matt: JavaLobby is to blame. I have just finished installing WordPad and will be blowing out of JRoller myself.

Good to find you here, Chris. Start posting more!! :)